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Jim Miller Admits Older Brother Dan Would Beat Him Up in Real Fight

Don't count on a fight between brothers Dan and Jim Miller -- that is, unless it's an event promoted inside of a New Jersey living room.

"That was always a joke," Jim said. "I said if we were going to do it'd be the Miller brothers' couch wrestling rules. which isn't exactly sanctioned."

Fighting his brother was one of the many different topics Jim touched on while appearing live Monday on The MMA Hour with AMA Fight Club teammates Charlie Brenneman, Rafaello Oliveira and trainer Mike Constantino.

But if it were to happen, his older -- and heavier brother Dan would win, Jim conceded.

"He's a tough kid," he said. "I wouldn't want to mess with him. He would definitely beat me up. If we were the same size, it'd be a tough fight."

The Miller brothers know one another's styles inside-out. After all, the two have been training together since 2005 and even made their MMA debuts on the same card the same year, at Reality Fighting 10 on Nov. 19 in Atlantic City.

"We've developed our games to try to the beat the other one," Jim said. "It'd be a fun fight, but realistically he would beat me up."

There's another Miller brother, but don't expect him to get in the mix. When Dan and Jim were beginning the path towards an MMA career, the other was in veterinary school.

"His hands are worth thousands of dollars," Jim explained.

Other Notes:

On his upcoming fight against Mark Bocek at UFC 111 on March 27:

"He's got a great ground game, and he poses a threat in submissions, but I'm no slouch on the ground either. So I'm just going to walk out and have some fun. Going to let my hands fly and get at him."

On not watching film of his opponent:

"I just let (coach) Mike do the watching and pick things apart ... If I see the fight, if it's on, I'll watch it, but when I start watching film, I just get nervous. When I try and go to sleep, I think about the fight, and then I can't sleep. I just focus on training and trying to get better."

On how the WEC's lightweight division stacks up with the UFC's:

"i think there are definitely a few guys form the WEC that could throw themselves in there. I think the majority of the division would find themselves in the deep waters of the upper level of the UFC. It's a little bit different."

"I've been lucky that this is going to be my seventh fight with them in a year-and-a-half. I think if the WEC has more fights, lets these guys fight more, let them develop more, then they would have much better shot. I like the WEC, separately. They should keep WEC and really just promote it more."

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