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Chuck Liddell Talks Viral Video on Jimmy Kimmel

Chuck Liddell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night to talk about his famous naked workout video, which was part of a Reebok marketing campaign that has given Liddell a new level of exposure.

Liddell joked around with Kimmell about working out in the nude and convincing his girlfriend to do it with him, but what I'm most interested in is seeing whether Liddell's exposure in this context translates to increased interest in his upcoming role as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, and in his upcoming fight with Tito Ortiz.

Between Dancing With the Stars, multiple Jimmy Kimmel appearances and his Reebok ad campaign, Liddell is more famous now than he was when he last fought, in April of last year.It's certainly valuable to the UFC, and to Liddell personally, to get that kind of mainstream attention during his time off.

But how valuable is it? I'm not sure. I don't know if people are going to watch The Ultimate Fighter or buy a UFC pay-per-view just because they saw Liddell on Dancing With the Stars or Jimmy Kimmel. But it can't hurt. And it is yet another sign that MMA is slowly but surely getting more mainstream.

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