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Ross Pearson Live Chat

Ross Pearson, the lightweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 9, joined us here at Thursday afternoon to discuss his upcoming fight against Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31 in Charlotte, N.C.

Below is the transcript of Pearson's responses to our readers' questions.

3:03 Ray Hui:
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for a live chat today with TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson. He faces Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31. There's still an hour before Ross joins us, but until then, feel free to start leaving your questions. Thanks!

3:59 Ray Hui:
Ross is on right now. Let's get started.

4:00 [Comment From Rockl: ]
Are you ready Ross?

4:01 Ross Pearson:
I'm super ready. I've been training 15 weeks for this fight. A lot of Thai boxing a lot of wrestling and I'll be ready to go.

4:01 [Comment From Aldo: ]
Yo whats up Ross ? Have you been doing anything different in your training camp than what you normally would while preparing for Siver ? Aka defending spinning back kicks ? He has used them very well in his last fights.

4:02 Ross Pearson:
Nothing really too different...I did practiced against spinning back kicks and front kicks. (But) basically same training at Rough House, grapple bit, and Muay Thai at the Unity gym.

4:04 [Comment From Shane: ]
How much has your life changed since winning TUF 9?

4:04 Ross Pearson:
Changed drastically. I didn't have much to my name apart from the sport I did, MMA, in the weekends. I got a well paid job now. I have a lot of exposure, a lot of people recognized me now, which is a bit strange. It's been a complete change of a lifestyle. I'm just getting used to the (media attention).

4:04 [Comment From shawn: ]
what are your thoughts on the st. pierre vs. hardy fight

4:05 Ross Pearson:
It's a huge fight for Team Rough House. Obviously, I train with them. Bringing the belt back would be incredibly amazing. He's got a huge test in front of him. GSP is one of the all-time greats. Like Dan says in the interview, (GSP) is not invincible. Let's hope he can land those shots, beat him and upset a lot of people.

4:05 [Comment From Bob: ]
Was Dan Hardy one of your main training partners? And are you at a disadvantage in training now since Dan mostly trains in the states?

4:06 Ross Pearson:
Dan went away last Sunday. You can't blame him (for wanting to mix up his training). I'm super pumped he's went over there to the US to get his training camp in. But with Team Rough House is still super strong without him being there. Obviously, we miss Dan when he's gone, but the team is still strong.

4:06 [Comment From jason santino: ]
I am sure u are a fan of mma not just a fighter, what upcoming mma fights are you excited to see?

4:07 Ross Pearson:
I'm super excited for the Brandon Vera-Jon Jones fight. That's super exciting. A lot of talent in the cage. Should be a great fight. I've met Brandon Vera at 105, and I'm wishing Brandon a lot of luck and hope he wins. But I can't pick who will win and that's what makes the fight so exciting.

4:08 [Comment From Ozzy: ]
What is ur gameplan against Denis Silver? btw good luck on march 31.. kick some ass.

4:08 Ross Pearson:
Basically I want to control the fight from the first to the last if it goes the distance. I don't think it will go the distance. I think I will finish it early. Basically I want to be in control of the fight whether standing or on ground.

4:08 [Comment From Doug: ]
Is there any tattoo you regret getting?

4:09 Ross Pearson:
The big tattoo I got now of a big Japanese Dragon is a cover up of a tattoo I got as a teenager. A tribal tattoo. So I regretted that from when I was younger.

4:10 [Comment From UK Blitz: ]
Who is the British champion for trash talk - Semtex or Hardy?

4:10 Ross Pearson:
It's gotta be Dan. Dan knows how to trash talk. Paul sees it how it is. Paul's got a different styles with the way he trash talks. Dan gets into your head, so I got to give the edge to Dan when it comes to trash talking.

4:11 [Comment From Andrew Redhead: ]
HI Ross writing from Durham England just round the corner from you. Great last fight in Manchester I was there to see it and you got a great response from the British public but who do you think the most popular UFC fighter is from England including your self ??

4:12 Ross Pearson:
... I don't know. That's a tough question. I've never been asked that before. Dan, Paul have been longer in the UFC. It depends on the region. If it's on the north, maybe me because I'm more popular in the north. If you go midland, it'd be Bisping. And south, Dan Hardy. I don't know, that's a tough question.

4:12 [Comment From Daniel Rivera: ]
i am a 14 year old kid living in brooklyn new york im training boxing right now i really want 2 start early carrer in mma but i have close 2 no mma gyms around where i live do u think there's any advice u can give me

4:13 Ross Pearson:
If I just started boxing, I would carry on with boxing. I would find an MMA gym to get wrestling, jiu-jitsu. Boxing is not the only martial art. Find himself an MMA gym and MMA coach.

4:13 [Comment From Ryan: ]
Hi there Ross.First of all congratulations on the sucess of TUF and entry into the UFC. Being from the north East of England, is there any up and coming fighters who we should be looking out for?

4:14 Ross Pearson:
There's a lot of talent in the UK right now. There's a couple guys in our gym coming out right now. Jimmy Wallhead. He's fighting in Bellator. I think this year he will break through.

4:14 [Comment From Matt: ]
Ross, In a division dominated by B.J.Penn, do you believe you can ever reach a standard that enables you to challenge for the title?

4:15 Ross Pearson:
I got full belief in me abilities. Obviously I'm still very young and got a lot of learning to do. But knowing myself, I've never backed down from a challenge. And that's why I love the UFC, it's the biggest challenge in the world. I believe in my trainers and full belief that I'll be there one day (challenging for the title).

4:16 [Comment From Guest: ]
First off, how do you like the UFC so far? Is your training any different since making TUF and the UFC?

4:17 Ross Pearson:
Massively. That's one of the biggest changes in my life besides media and people knowing who I am. It's the training. I have training camps mapped out, everything's structured and professional. We have people monitoring every move I make. Before I was going off what other people do and trying things out. Whereas nowadays I have people overlooking my training.

4:18 [Comment From Dean: ]
Hi Ross. As one of the UK's most promising and exciting fighters, how important it is to you to start fighting regularly over in the US? Also how much would it mean to you to fight at a UFC show at Newcastle arena (so close to mine and your hometown of Sunderland)?

4:18 Ross Pearson:
I love fighting in the America. To be honest, I'd like to be more often than I am. The US is a bigger market but the UK market growing. You can't go bigger than the UFC. Anyone sees it anywhere. I love going to America. I love the American culture. To me, I would like to get out to America, but wherever the US puts me to fight, I'll be happy to fight.

4:19 Ross Pearson:
Yeah, it's like 5 mins away. That would be crazy if I could fight in front of my home fans. I think I would sell it out with my family and friends, alone. But like I said, 'm happy to see different parts of the world wherever the UFC puts me (to fight).

4:20 [Comment From jason santino: ]
who do you think is the best mma fighter in the world right now?

4:20 Ross Pearson:
For me, probably someone like Anderson Silva. Probably on the top now. Then you got to look down to BJ Penn, GSP, Fedor Emelianenko. Those guys are probably the best at their trade right now.

4:22 [Comment From BIGG_DOGG: ]
Hi Ross i was at manchester for 105, awesome fight. i remember you using the old thai clinch with some vicious knees and that really got the crowd going, are we gonna see this again in the next fight or have you been training for any different techniques

4:22 Ross Pearson:
My Muay Thai is one of the main areas I concentrate on. I enjoy fighting close range and putting in the knees. Obviously, I'm going to do what I'm most comfortable with, so you're going to see some knees flying ... Not different (when it comes techniques) apart from game plan.

4:22 [Comment From jason santino: ]
is there any fighters that you don't like personally that you would like to fight one day?

4:24 Ross Pearson:
in MMA I've never crossed really someone that I didn't like. I've never fought someone that I've had a grudge against or didn't like. For people I don't like, I wouldn't know. But the people I'd like to fight are the people I admire, like BJ Penn.

4:24 [Comment From mark: ]
will you prefer to stand up with dennis or go to the ground ??

4:24 Ross Pearson:
I'm a stand up man. British, man. I'm a stand up fighter through and through.

4:25 [Comment From BIGG_DOGG: ]
hey dude, what was it like having all the camera crews following Dan Hardy around the rough house gym for the Primetime recording,

4:25 Ross Pearson:
It's great. It great for the gym to get a lot of publicity. Them things show how (far) we've all come in our career and everyone's noticing now.

4:26 [Comment From Guest: ]
Who do you think has been your toughest challenge so far???

4:26 Ross Pearson:
The toughest challenge so far to get ready for was Aaron Riley. The experience of the challenger in front of me. Aaron Riley.

4:26 [Comment From jason santino: ]
do you think bisping was a good coach on the show?

4:27 Ross Pearson:
Yeah, Mike was great. He helped us lot in all areas. Also the Muay Thai and BJJ coach. He came over to win the show, not just be on TV, which was true. He really cared about the fighters and helped us out the best way he could.

4:27 [Comment From Naza: ]
What are your thoughts of James Toney fighting in MMA?? How do you think he will do?

4:28 Ross Pearson:
I don't see how it's gonna work. He was a fantastic boxer in his prime. I loved watching him when I was a kid. But MMA has evolved so much. Obviously, he has knockout power, and if he hits someone, they're getting knockout. But the UFC fighters are so much more developed than a boxer. There are people he can beat, but I just think there are a lot more talented fighters in that division being mixed martial arts.

4:29 [Comment From Alex: ]
If you could pick your next opponent after Siver, who would it be?

4:30 Ross Pearson:
Maybe someone like Joe Daddy Stevenson. Spencer Fisher, that would be a good fight. I just want to keep fighting and I don't want to call anyone out. I'll fighting anyone the UFC puts in front of me. I want to keep moving up in my career, and I think they are the next in the progression of where I am.

4:30 [Comment From jsin: ]
would you ever fight one of your training partners if Dana asked you to?

4:31 Ross Pearson:
I've already fought Andre Winner, which wasn't too pleasant. I didn't really enjoy that fight too much with Andre being a close friend and training partner. If Dana asks, It's my job and I would have to bite the bullet, but it's not something I would really do.

4:31 [Comment From Alex: ]
Of all of your past opponents, who would have the best shot in UFC? (from the ones who aren't currently signed)

4:32 Ross Pearson:
Probably the most talented guy outside the UFC was Ian Jones. He's a very well-rounded fighter, just on the night I was the better fighter. If he applies himself and gets the wins he should be getting, I think he can go a long way.

4:32 [Comment From John Hume: ]
Hi Ross. Is it true your entrance song for your upcoming fight is going to be the Team America: World Police theme song? America, F@#k Yeah

4:33 Ross Pearson:
No. I think it's going to be Drake's Forever.

4:33 [Comment From Alex: ]
How many wins do you think you are away from a title shot?

4:34 Ross Pearson:
I definitely don't think I'm ready for a title shot yet. It's hard to say. You can say 5, you can say 10. I know deep down now I'm not in contention level. Not at all. I'm a project. There's a lot of work me doing. A lot of time spent in the gym.

4:35 [Comment From Jingwei: ]
If you could choose one fight to see, who would be fighting who?

4:35 Ross Pearson:
A dream fight ... From any two weights does that matter? I would like to fight Anderson Silva fight Gegard Mousasi. I think that would be a sick fight.

4:36 [Comment From Toby: ]
Where do you prefer to fight in America as an underdog or with the Crowd behind you in the UK?

4:37 Ross Pearson:
Both motivate me. Having the crowd behind you, when I came out for UFC 105, we had 20,000 fans cheering ... I enjoy both but I like the fans cheering me on. It does boost me in the ring. It increases my fight mode.

4:37 [Comment From james: ]
have you ever heard anderson silva speaking in english ? : )

4:37 Ross Pearson:
No, I can't say I have really.

4:37 [Comment From Guest: ]
Hi Ross. What's your advice to upcoming UFC stars like yourself?

4:38 Ross Pearson:
Basically man. If the dream's there, chase it. Train hard. Train smart. Look for a good camp willing to push you and help you out. And not give you silly injuries when it's not needed. Just enjoy it and have fun with it. If you want it bad enough, you'll do whatever it takes to get there.

4:40 Ray Hui:
Okay, great questions guys. We're going to wrap up the chat now. I'm going to let Ross say his final words.

4:41 Ross Pearson:
I would like to say thanks for all the support from the fans. The support has been unreal. It boosts my training camp a lot. Thanks for sending messages. Sorry, I don't get to reply to them all. But I really appreciate the support. I would also like to thank my sponsors: Tokyo 5, Sprawl, FightShop, Fight Mafia, Hayabusa and

4:42 Ray Hui:
Thanks Ross. I hope everyone enjoyed the chat. Watch Ross Pearson fight Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31.

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