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Soszynski's Win Upheld, Bonnar Rematch Likely for June

The bad news for Stephan Bonnar is that his loss to Krzysztof Soszynski at UFC 110 won't be overturned.

The good news for Bonnar is that he's likely to get a second shot at Soszynski in June.

Bonnar lost a controversial TKO to Soszynski in Sydney, Australia, when a huge cut on Bonnar's forehead caused the fight to be stopped. Replays clearly showed that the cut was caused by an accidental head butt, but the referee wrongly ruled that a Soszynski punch caused the cut. As a result, Soszynski was awarded the win, and Bonnar filed an appeal with the Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales, Australia, a few days later.

But that appeal was unsuccessful.

"A review was held ... and the Combat Sports Authority of NSW did not seek to interfere with the referee's decision," wrote Craig Waller, the Combat Sports Authority's executive director, told

So the fight officially goes down as a win for Soszynski and a loss for Bonnar, but we all know that it was ruled improperly, and the UFC has indicated that a rematch is coming up, likely at the June 19 Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale. It will be good to see the fight settled once and for all, especially after the referee's wrong ruling was kept in place.

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