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Is Matt Serra the Key to Dan Hardy's Success?

There are no shortage of interesting storylines surrounding the Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy UFC 111 fight, but one more has just surfaced, and this could be the most intriguing one of them all.

Check out the beginning of Hardy's latest video blog above (Editor's note: video has been pulled), where it states that Hardy, who has already set up the final portion of his training camp in New Jersey, recently met with Matt Serra to talk shop and has been training at Ray Longo's gym on Long Island.

So this begs the question: will Matt Serra be the key to Hardy pulling off the upset later this month?

Serra is the last fighter to beat GSP, but we all know that 170-pound champion has dramatically improved his game since Serra defeated him in April 2007 and GSP won the rematch in 2008. Nevertheless, if Hardy spends some time with Serra during these final few days before the title bout, I'm sure that will only increase his confidence going into the fight.

It's also interesting to note that GSP has been training with Renzo Gracie in New York City for this fight, who is Serra's mentor and good friend.

We don't see ever catch a glimpse of Serra in the Hardy video blog, and there is no word on whether Serra will appear on UFC Primetime, which premieres Wednesday night on Spike TV, so this could be just another subtle Hardy mind game. But if "The Terror" and "The Outlaw" are in fact teaming up, the road to UFC 111 has just gotten a lot more interesting.

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