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UFC Primetime: Gentleman GSP vs. Trash Talker Hardy

UFC Primetime, the three-part Spike TV series designed to hype the UFC 111 bout between Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy, debuts on Wednesday night. And the overarching theme of the series is expected to be the contrast between St. Pierre as the consummate professional mixed martial artist and Hardy as the trash-talking brawler.

Spike distributed a press release on Tuesday quoting Hardy talking about how much delight he'll take in making St. Pierre's fans upset.

"I know that I can give GSP hell when the times come," Hardy said. "It's so sweet stepping out into the Octagon on the other side saying, 'I told you so.' All these GSP fans that are betting the house on him, when they wake up Sunday morning ... they aren't going to be too impressed with themselves."

St. Pierre, on the other hand, will be shown (as in the brief clip above) as a quietly confident fighter who's at the peak of his physical condition and is more interested in working hard than talking big.

"I am the most confident guy I've ever been in my life, I got the knowledge, the experience of championship fights," St. Pierre says. "I've got everything on my side."

The UFC had some success with portraying St. Pierre as the good guy and Penn as the bad guy the last time it gave a big fight the Primetime treatment, but I think Hardy is even better suited to that role than Penn is. It's an easy angle for the UFC to use in selling this fight.

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