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New WEC Champ Cruz Shows Spartan Lifestyle That Got Him to Top

If you think the life of an MMA champion is all about big paydays and glorious living, you might want to take a look at this video of recently crowned WEC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

In a video shot less than two months ago by, the humble Cruz shows off his not-exactly palatial, one-room studio apartment. Last week, Cruz told MMA Fighting's Ray Hui that his somewhat cramped living situation was by design.

"I just want focus, man," Cruz said. "I live modestly by choice because the less bills that I have, the less debts that I have is the less I have to work and make money to support those needs. The less things that I have to live with, the more time I can devote to training. I try to devote every waking hour I have into MMA, because my goal is to be world champion and be the best fighter I can be."

Cruz explains a bit of his training regimen, waking up at 5:30 a.m. on some days to get in his running before beginning the first of three training sessions. He also discusses the visualization and positive thinking techniques that he credits with helping him achieve success.

Apparently, it's all working for him. Despite being a heavy underdog, the challenger Cruz (15-1) handily outworked Brian Bowles over two rounds before Bowles didn't answer the bell for round three, giving Cruz the championship.

Maybe now, he'll find a way to treat himself for all the hard work he's put in and the success he's achieved, but judging from the laserlike focus he shows in this video, that seems unlikely. At least the shiny, gold championship belt he sacrificed so much to capture will add to the decor, and in a one-room apartment, is never too far away.

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