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WEC 47 Live Blog: Jens Pulver vs. Javier Vazquez Round-by-Round Updates

This is the WEC 47 live blog for Jens Pulver vs. Javier Vazquez, a featherweight bout on tonight's Versus card in Columbus, Ohio.

Win or lose, Pulver is a fan favorite. Still, he can only lose so many fights. Facing Vazquez, Pulver will aim to snap a four-fight losing streak.

The live blog begins below.

Vazquez making his way first to the cage, and it appears pink is no longer in fashion. Only his fight shorts are pink. Pulver walks out with a sweet Punch Out inspired t-shirt. Pulver looks determined.

Despite his slump, Pulver is still clearly a fan favorite. Vazquez, announced first, was the recipient of boos.

Round 1: Pulver reaches with lefts. Short punch exchange and Vazquez takes Pulver down. Pulver grabs a guillotine to defend. Vazquez escapes and Pulver allows him to stand. Vazquez shoots again and takes Pulver down. Vazquez climbs on Pulver's back but Pulver reverses into Vazquez's closed guard. Pulver stands and lands leg kicks. Vazquez punishes Pulver for the leg kicks by popping up and taking Pulver down for the third time in the fight. Vazquez traps Pulver in a crucifix and rains down punches. Vazquez slickly takes Pulver's back. Vazquez secures full mount with 90 seconds left. Pulver tries to escape but extends his right arm. Vazquez capitalizes, finishing Pulver with an armbar.

Pulver holds his arm and grimaces in pain.

Vazquez wins by submission - Round 1, 3:41

Pulver wouldn't definitively say he'll retire after this fight, but he says he can't put the crowd through his post-fight tears anymore. He gives another emotional speech thanking the fans.

"I don't know many times I can cry in front of all y'all," Pulver said. "I love you all way too much to put you through this again."

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