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Matt Mitrione Frustrated That UFC Won't Confirm Kimbo Fight

Matt Mitrione was under the impression that he was fighting Kimbo Slice at UFC 113 on May 8 in Montreal -- and why wouldn't he be? The UFC announced the fight in a UFC 113 promo that ran during the UFC 110 broadcast.

But two weeks after that broadcast, the UFC says that fight isn't official, and there are rampant rumors that Kimbo could be fighting on another card and/or against another opponent. And Mitrione says he's frustrated that the UFC hasn't told him what's going on.

"I have no clue what's going on; the last 15 hours have been pretty crazy," Mitrione told the Las Vegas Sun on Friday. "To be truly honest, I haven't heard a thing from the UFC, and it's frustrating me. It's my understanding that it took awhile to get his paperwork signed, but I'm sure it's signed.

"Then again, that doesn't mean (expletive). When I was in the NFL I signed a contract, they signed a contract, and they can cut you whenever they want. I know that from first-hand experience."

Mitrione says he doesn't know any more than anyone else about whether his fight with Kimbo is off, but he suspects that it is because, he said, "Where there's smoke, there's usually fire."

Mitrione said UFC matchmaker Joe Silva told him he was still fighting in Montreal, but it's not clear whether it will still be against Kimbo. He hopes it is.

"Fighting Kimbo is a phenomenal fight for me, and I think it's a bad fight for Kimbo," Mitrione said. "I would like to know so I can sit back and re-evaluate how I'm preparing."

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