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Joseph Benavidez, Miguel Torres Talk Fight Strategy

Mixed martial artists are often either reluctant to talk about their game plans heading into a fight or unable to articulate their strategy in a way that's accessible to fans, but I really like this video in which Miguel Torres and Joseph Benavidez talk about what they're expecting from their bout Saturday night at WEC 47.

Torres on his preparation: "Trying to elevate my game in jiu jitsu, trying to elevate my game in wrestling, was really important. And then working on my striking ... The biggest thing was working on my wrestling and then cleaning up my boxing, making my jab a little bit stronger, keeping my chin down."

Torres on Benavidez: "Benavidez is a tough opponent. He's real fast, real quick, very strong, doesn't get tired. He has all the makings of a very tough opponent. I can't underestimate him. He's got knockout power in his hands ... and he has tough endurance so he's hard to put away."

Torres on how he can win: "Everybody has weaknesses. I think the biggest thing is use my reach advantage and if we get into a scramble try to catch him in a submission. My jiu jitsu game is unlike anybody else's. People say the guard is dead but my guard is very active. I have a very dangerous guard from the bottom."

Benavidez on how he thinks the fight will go: "Of course I'd like to finish him, but If I was a betting man I'd take me getting a decision."

Benavidez on his advantages: "I think I'm faster, can close the distance a lot easier than he thinks, and I think I can take him down and I'm not going to be submitted by him. ... You definintely have to be faster than Miguel to get within that reach. ... To me for every opponent I think I'm faster."

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