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UFC Gym Overcomes Political Opposition

We all know the UFC has had to overcome a lot of political opposition throughout its existence, from fighting against the "human cockfighting" label in the 1990s to its ongoing efforts to get legalized in New York. But it turns out that even when it wants to do something as benign as open up a gym, some politicians are opposed.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that the UFC was able to get zoning approval to open a new UFC Gym only after one councilman voted against it because, he says, mixed martial arts is too brutal.

Councilman Gary Taylor proclaimed, "I don't understand that kind of fighting," and instead of doing what a politician should do -- seek to learn about that which he doesn't understand -- Taylor just decided to vote against it.

"Watching those fights was ridiculous," Taylor said. "They would hit somebody in the head, knocking them to the ground, then pounce on them and use both fists to beat their head while they are on the ground."

Fortunately, Taylor was the only councilman who voted against the opening of the UFC Gym, and the good folks of the San Gabriel Valley will be able to work out there soon. But even one of the councilmen who voted to allow the gym, Steven Ly, said, "It is a violent sport. It's a blood thirsty sport and we have a very family-oriented community. That is very concerning."

What's concerning is that in 2010, some politicians still have a 1990s mentality toward mixed martial arts.

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