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Strikeforce Should Book Prangley-Amoussou 2 March 26

The co-main event at Friday night's Strikeforce Challengers card ended in disappointment, when Trevor Prangley accidentally poked Karl Amoussou in the eye and the doctor on the scene ruled that the fight had to end because Amoussou couldn't continue. Now both Prangley and Amoussou say they want to get back into the cage soon, and Strikeforce should book their rematch for its March 26 Challengers show.

"Of course, I hope we get a rematch," Amoussou says in the video above.

"I just want to f**king fight again -- I'm really disappointed," Prangley says in the video below:

If both fighters want to do it again quickly, Strikeforce needs to make it happen quickly. There's no reason Amoussou-Prangley 2 shouldn't be on the March 26 card.

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