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Jon Jones: My Style Is Exciting, I Give Fans What They Want to See

Jon Jones has an unconventional, unorthodox fighting style, a style unlike anything we've seen before in MMA. And as Jones prepares for his fight with Brandon Vera at UFC on Versus 1, he says his style is designed not just to win fights but to give the fans what they want.

"The reason I think I'm talked about a lot is just my style," Jones says. "It's really exciting. I know it's a spectator sport. I give them what they want to see -- keep the crowd wild. ... My style is really wild and a random at times, but it's a planned attack. These moves have been trained several times."

Jones says he likes the way his own style matches up with Vera's in a fight that's pretty much guaranteed to be fun to watch.

"Granted, being a striker, I'm excited," Jones says. "We're both good strikers. Me and Brandon are both known to have dynamic styles. ... I don't feel inferior to anyone. If Brandon Vera wants a striking war that's what I'm going to give him.
You're going to see fireworks."