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HDNet Outlines Dream, Sengoku, K-1, XFC, KOTC Plans

After hearing from a few mixed martial arts fans who were wondering how they could watch the upcoming Dream.13 and Sengoku 12 cards in North America, I checked in with HDNet to get some details on the network's plans for televising fight cards -- some live, some on tape -- for the spring of 2010.

In general, HDNet will make Friday night its major fight night. Most Friday night fight cards will be live, but some Japanese fight cards -- including the March 7 Sengoku 12 -- will air only on tape, not live, on HDNet. Sengoku 12 will be on tape on March 12.

"As you know, HDNet has more live MMA than any network in the world," HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon said. "On rare occasions, we will delay a broadcast from overseas to work best within our programming schedule. As Sengoku 12 takes place on a Sunday night from Japan, we wanted to debut this great card on our Friday night line-up."

Other notes:
-- HDNet will show live fights on the final two Friday nights in March, with an XFC card on March 19 and King of the Cage no March 26.

-- In a piece of good news for fans (like me) who are willing to be awake at any hour to watch live MMA, HDNet says Dream.13 will be shown live in the wee hours of the morning on March 22.

-- HDNet is also expanding its MMA programming with a new 30-minute interview show, Fighting Words, set to debut in March. (UFC President Dana White will be interviewed in the first episode.)

-- In April HDNet is planning two MMA shows (a King of the Cage card and Dream 14) as well as live K-1 kickboxing events.