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Mayhem Miller Has No Clue When He's Fighting Next

As mixed martial arts fans continue to wonder when Strikeforce will announce its next big fight card, some of Strikeforce's top fighters are wondering the same.

The latest to say so is Jason Mayhem Miller, who appeared on the Adam Carolla podcast and said he expects to fight soon but hasn't been told a time, date, place, opponent or television network for the next time he steps into the cage.

"I have no f**king clue man," Miller said. "Look, it's either going to be March or April, and I'm just training real hard right now."

In the podcast (which was recorded on Wednesday), Miller indicated that he's been staying in shape and has been told that he'll get a fight soon, but that he doesn't have any way of knowing how soon.

"It's like, 'You're going to fight in March, or maybe April, but just train. We promise we're going to pay, so get your ass out there,'" Miller said of how Strikeforce books his fights. "That's how it is."

A number of reports have suggested that Strikeforce is leaning toward Saturday, April 17, as the date of its next big show on CBS, although April 24 is also thought to be an option, and there's some talk that Strikeforce might do events on both CBS and Showtime in April.

CBS likes Miller because he's an entertaining personality who has some crossover appeal as the host of MTV's Bully Beatdown, but it's not clear whether Miller will be back on the network, where he was last seen losing to Jake Shields in November. For that matter, nothing at all is clear at this point with Strikeforce, which is taking a long, long time in finalizing the details of its next big event.