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Karl Amoussou Balances MMA With Career as Undercover Cop

Strikeforce may have a budding star in Karl Amoussou, a 24-year-old French middleweight who will fight Trevor Prangley Friday night on Showtime. We've already noted that Amoussou is a fast finisher, and now we'd like to pass along a great interview in which Amoussou talks about his career as an undercover cop.

"I'm a police officer in France -- I work as kind of undercover cop," Amoussou says. "It's quite funny to work and to do MMA. Sometimes guys recognize me and say, 'Psycho, how are you, man?' While I'm working, so it's quite funny. But it's hard to do both, to work as a policeman and to do MMA also."

Amoussou looks like a man possessed when he's in the ring, but he says his nickname and his fighting demeanor are the polar opposite of his personality outside the ring.

"When you see me fighting it's a complete transformation. I'm not the same guy when I'm fighting and when I'm outside. Outside I'm a cool guy but inside I'm aggressive and that's why my nickname is Psycho."

As for a scouting report for Friday night, Amoussou said he's happy to take the fight anywhere it goes, but he always looks for a knockout.

"Trevor Prangley is a very good wrestler, but I don't care if it goes to the ground," Amoussou says. "I'm good on the ground also. Of course, if I can stay standing up it would be great. I can knock him out and I like to fight standing up because fans like to see the stand up and I like to give them what they want."

Amoussou says Wanderlei Silva is one of his idols, and he'd like to fight Melvin Manhoef or Robbie Lawler next. Those would be exciting fights. Amoussou has a way to go before he's an elite fighter, but he is a fighter I look forward to watching.

See Prangley talking about Amoussou below.