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UFC 110: Wanderlei Silva Beats Michael Bisping

Wanderlei Silva isn't the same fighter he once was, but he's still capable of putting on a thrilling performance, as he showed by beating Michael Bisping by unanimous decision in an exciting fight at UFC 110.

Bisping went for a quick takedown early in the first round and succeeded, but Silva got back up to his feet without any harm done. From there it was a stand-up battle, with both fighters landing their fair share of shots but neither fighter landing anything too damaging. Bisping controlled most of the round, but Silva landed a very solid left hand just as the round was ending, and Bisping was lucky it ended when he did.

In the second round Silva caught a Bisping kick and swept his plant leg to take him down, although he landed in his guard and didn't accomplish much before they went back to their feet. Bisping later managed to take Silva down and into side control, but Silva popped right back up. With just seconds remaining in the round Bisping took Silva down but ended up with his neck caught just where Silva needed it for a guillotine choke -- but Bisping managed to hold on and was saved by the bell.

The third round started with both fighters trying to feel each other out and not doing a lot of damage on the feet, and just under two minutes in Bisping kicked Silva in the groin, causing the fight to be delayed while Silva recovered. A couple minutes later Bisping accidentally stuck his thumb in Silva's eye, causing another delay. There was no point deduction for either foul. Silva went on the attack in the final seconds of the round and had Bisping badly hurt on the ground, and Bisping was saved by the bell at the end of the fight.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 for Silva.

Silva improved his record to 33-10-1. Bisping falls to 18-3.