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UFC 110: Ryan Bader KOs Keith Jardine

Ryan Bader earned the biggest win of his mixed martial arts career in Sydney, defeating Keith Jardine by third round knockout with a sweet combination of flying knee and left hook at UFC 110.

In the early going Bader seemed a little uncomfortable dealing with Jardine's unorthodox striking style, but after two minutes on their feet, Bader got inside, picked Jardine up and slammed him to the ground. On the ground Bader stayed on top and stayed in control, opening a cut on Jardine's bald head, although he didn't do a lot of damage.

In the second it was a fairly even fight on the feet, with Jardine's unorthodox style and patented leg kicks frustrating Bader but never having him in any serious trouble.

In the third round Bader landed a textbook takedown, but Jardine did a terriffic job of getting right back up to his feet afterward. But then on his feet Bader exploded, clipping Jardine with a right hook, landing a flying knee and then a left hook to Jardine's chin that knocked him cold.

Bader, the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 8, entered the fight with a record of 10-0, but he hadn't fought anyone nearly as good as Jardine.

"I just tried to implement my game plan, stay in my comfort zone," Bader said afterward.

Bader certainly has some room for improvement, but this was by far his most impressive finish, against his most impressive opponent. He showed once again that he has a big future ahead of him.