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UFC 110: George Sotiropoulos Beats Joe Stevenson

Australia's George Sotiropoulos thrilled the fans in Sydney by defeating Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision at UFC 110.

Sotiropoulos took the fight to the ground and got on top of Stevenson early in the first round, and it was an excellent display of jiu jitsu -- and an excellent display of understanding by the Australian fans, who cheered the Aussie Sotiropoulos when he improved his position. Although Stevenson landed a solid upkick at one point, Sotiropoulos controlled the first round.

Early in the second round Sotiropoulos rocked Stevenson with a punch, and after that he managed to pepper Stevenson with punches that Stevenson couldn't seem to answer. Eventually Stevenson took Sotiropoulos down, but Sotiropoulos was comfortable on the ground and quickly got into an advantageous position, even coming close to submitting Stevenson with an omoplata. It was a good second round for Sotiropoulos.

The third round was closer, with Stevenson getting into some better positions on the ground while Sotiropoulos knew he just had to play defense and win the decision, which is exactly what he did, winning 30-27 on all three judges' scorecards.

Sotiropoulos improved his record to 12-2. Stevenson falls to 31-11.