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Brock Lesnar's Trainer Greg Nelson Says Champ Continues to Improve

UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar continues to improve, adding weight to his frame in preparation of his expected comeback later this year, according to his trainer Greg Nelson, who made the comments on Friday night's edition of "Inside MMA."

Nelson, who has been Lesnar's right-hand man since the former collegiate and pro wrestling star turned his attention to MMA, said that Lesnar's newly adjusted diet has resulted in positive changes.

"Brock is doing well now," Nelson said. "He's obviously coming back from something that was really traumatic, a really physical, debilitating ailment that he really had to look at the way he was doing things and change some stuff. He did lose some weight, but he didn't lose any mass. He's looking fit, and that's the best thing about it. He's just a fit guy right now."

The champion's return date remains unsure. He is likely to face the winner of the March 27 contenders' bout between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin. Should everything go according to plan, he may be back in the cage around July or August. But that's only a best-case scenario as Lesnar works his way back up to his previous size and strength levels.

"Not 100 percent sure when [his return is] going to be as of yet," Nelson said. "He's not going to want to be in there until he's 100 percent ready to be in there. He's not going to short-change anybody, and he's definitely not going to short-change himself."