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Two Months From Rumored April Date, Strikeforce Event Still Not Official

With less than two months to go before Strikeforce is expected to return to CBS for its second go-round, the event remains shrouded in mystery.

According to various sources, no venue has been selected and no bout agreements have been signed.

While recent reports have suggested an April 17 date in Nashville, Tenn., neither Strikeforce or CBS representatives or independent sources could confirm a definitive date or location for the event.

The decision could be tactical; UFC has counter-programmed events in the past, and the longer it takes the promotion to finalize a date, the harder it would be for the UFC to organize a competing card on the fly. UFC, however, has already booked an event for April 10, diminishing the likelihood of back-to-back events, though not eliminating it completely.

The event is expected to feature a main event pitting heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko against Fabricio Werdum. A well-placed source told MMA Fighting that the bout was not yet official, but has been discussed as a logical matchup.

While the pairing of Emelianenko and Werdum is expected to materialize, another source told MMA Fighting that with eight weeks remaining until the possible fight date, Emelianenko has not yet begun his training, and is not expected to do so until he gets official word of the date. The source said Emelianenko would prefer eight weeks of notice, but could still emerge fully prepared with six weeks.

That leaves Strikeforce and CBS two weeks to finalize plans for the anticipated show, which has also been rumored to feature a middleweight title match pitting Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields, and a light-heavyweight title match between Gegard Mousasi and "King Mo" Muhammed Lawal.