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Wanderlei Silva Weighs 196, Feels Fine at 185 or 205

Wanderlei Silva will have to make the middleweight limit of 185 pounds for the first time when he steps onto the scale this weekend at the UFC 110 weigh-in, but he says the weight won't be an issue, and he'll be happy to fight at either middleweight or light heavyweight.

"In these last days of my training I'll lose my last weight," Silva told the Cumberland Courier. "I feel good. This morning I weighed 89 kilos (196 pounds) and I'll lose my last kilos this week before they check my weight Saturday."

Silva usually fought at 205 pounds in Pride, and in his first three UFC fights he was a light heavyweight as well. He's now steadily moving down in weight. with a 195-pound catchweight bout last year and now his middleweight bout with Michael Bisping this weekend, but he says he won't necessarily stay at middleweight. Instead, he'll fight in whatever weight class UFC President Dana White tells him to.

"I'll fight in both divisions, 185 and 205," Silva said. "I feel good. That's a choice for the boss, where Dana wants me to fight. It's no problem."