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Fedor Emelianenko: MMA Is Not Brutal

Fedor Emelianenko was asked at a recent press conference in Ukraine, "Doesn't it disturb you to participate in such a brutal sport?" He gave what I think is one of the best answers I've ever heard to a question that's often asked about MMA.

"I have answered this question probably five times today and I will answer again," Fedor said with a laugh. "First, this sport is not brutal, but very interesting. It includes all types of martial arts. Everything that all men do -- all that attracts them to martial arts is contained here in mixfight. It can be tough, but not cruel."

Fedor did allow that some individuals have acted badly in the ring or cage, but he said that reflects badly on them, and not on the sport.

"People who behave badly in the ring make this sport cruel -- behave badly and provocatively, do not stop after the fight is officially stopped," Fedor said. "But actually this sport is so unlimited and opens interesting prospects for fighters' development. You can evolve unlimited fighting techniques in standing striking and kicking and you can also fight on the ground, hit and be capable of defending yourself. You should be able to do all these things. The sport is not cruel, unless people who are cruel make it so."

That pretty much sums up why many of us think MMA is beautiful, not brutal.