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Kickboxing KO Turns DQ With Illegal Spinning Back Fist

We noted on Sunday that Pajonsuk beat Chan Sung Jung by disqualification over the weekend at the It's Showtime 2010 Prague kickboxing event. Now we've got the video, which shows Jung knocking Pajonsuk cold with a beautiful spinning back fist -- which, unfortunately for Jung, is against the rules of It's Showtime. (Skip ahead to 2:30 if you just want to see the knockout.)

I'm not sure if Jung even realized he had broken the rules, and even after the announcer made clear (in English) that Jung had lost by disqualification, Jung seemed to be asking the referee to explain what had happened.

I agree with Fraser Coffeen, who wrote that neither man comes out of this looking very good: Pajonsuk's chin may have been exposed, while Jung gets a loss on his record in which he didn'tdo much offensively before that final, and illegal, spinning back fist.

I think the spinning back fist is one of the most graceful, exciting maneuvers in martial arts, and I think it's a shame that It's Showtime bans them. But rules are rules, and Pajonsuk gets the victory.