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Report: Gegard Mousasi Splits With M-1 Management

International star Gegard Mousasi has cut ties with his management company M-1 Global, according to a report from Sherdog.

Mousasi was one of M-1's top fighters along with MMA legend and Strikeforce star Fedor Emelianenko.

With reportedly only one fight remaining on his Strikeforce deal, the move will undoubtedly lead to speculation about Mousasi's future plans.

Mousasi told Sherdog that he would continue fighting for Strikeforce, but under new representation, which he declined to name, saying only it is someone close to him.

With a 28-2-1 record, Mousasi is one of the top stars in MMA not under the UFC bannner. UFC President Dana White has repeatedly voiced an interest in Mousasi, once telling reporters that on scale of 1 to 5, his interest level in Mousasi is a 7. While many see UFC as a bigger, more attractive platform for his future, Strikeforce can offer Mousasi the chance to compete on national U.S. television on CBS as well as increased flexibility, as they allow many of their fighters to compete overseas. Mousasi has also voiced an interest in pro boxing, a goal which the UFC would be unlikely to allow.

The 24-year-old is expected to fight Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal in April on CBS, though the fight has not yet been finalized. In addition, he recently re-signed with DREAM, and has three fights left on that deal.

Rumors of discord between Mousasi and M-1 began after Affliction's promotion died, but he fought under the terms of his deal with Strikeforce twice without incident.