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Vitor Belfort Hurt, Won't Fight Anderson Silva at UFC 112

Vitor BelfortVitor Belfort has suffered a shoulder injury that will prevent him from fighting Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title at UFC 112.

There's no word yet on whether Silva will remain on the April 10 UFC 112 card from Abu Dhabi against another opponent, or if the fight will be pushed back to a later date.

The Brazilian MMA web site first reported the Belfort injury, and UFC President Dana White later confirmed to Kevin Iole that Belfort is out.

The Silva vs. Belfort fight has already been postponed once before; the UFC originally penciled it in for the January 2 UFC 108 card, only to have Silva pull out because of an elbow injury. On Saturday, the UFC crowned a new middleweight No. 1 contender in Chael Sonnen, and the best option for the promotion might be to have Sonnen step in -- if the cuts on Sonnen's face heal quickly, and if Sonnen is willing to take the biggest fight of his life on less than two months' notice.
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