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Sonnen Victory Tour Continues With Political Appearance on Fox News

It's possible that by the end of the year, Chael Sonnen could be introduced as the UFC middleweight champion and an Oregon state representative.

The man who became the next in line for a crack at the 185-pound crown after Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva's scheduled title bout is an aspiring politician, and he got a nice boost to his early campaign efforts by appearing on Fox News this morning.

A Republican, Sonnen is running for the state seat from House District 37. Interestingly, Sonnen's campaign web site does not mention the fact that he is a pro mixed martial artist, but the Fox interview introduced him as one.

Asked about his motivation for entering the political arena, Sonnen said this is the logical next step for him as he's been involved in government for some time.

"I've been in politics for quite some time," he said. "Mostly I've been behind the scenes. I've helped with campaigns, I've worked with legislators, I've testified in front of senate subcommittees. There's a law on the books right now, a sporting law, that I single-handedly came up with and passed through and I'm very proud of that. This isn't something new to me, I've been in the political game for some time. I'm so frustrated, I can't sit back any more. I've got to get down there. I've got to take this passion to the capital. Things are going to change. It's not going to be business as usual on my watch."

Sonnen defeated Nate Marquardt by unanimous decision at last weekend's UFC 109. He's 25-10 in his eight-year run as a pro.