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James Toney Continues to Campaign for UFC Contract

It seems fairly ridiculous to think that James Toney, the 41-year-old who was (many years ago) among the best boxers in the world, would seriously sign a UFC contract. It's hard to see why the UFC would want a washed-up ex-boxer, and it's hard to see why Toney would want a paycheck that would surely be significantly less than he got used to in the ring.

And yet Toney has taken every opportunity to say he wants to do it, and UFC President Dana White has said publicly that he's open to the idea.

Toney's latest attempt to push himself as a potential UFC fighter came on the Versus show Sports Soup, on which he addressed White with an expletive and then told him, "Come with the money if you ain't scared."

Toney said he wanted to fight UFC champion Brock Lesnar, but there's exactly zero chance of that happening. He also mentioned Kimbo Slice, whom he refers to as "simba," and added, "I give respect to my man, what's his name -- what's the old guy's name? Older than me? Randy Couture."

If White is actually going to put Toney in the Octagon -- and I don't think he will -- Kimbo and Couture would be the two most likely opponents. A bout with Kimbo would draw huge interest and probably bring in a lot of new customers who have never purchased a UFC pay-per-view, and it actually might be a competitive fight.

A bout with Couture would be a mismatch, but there are rumors floating around that the UFC is considering it, and I'm sure White would enjoy seeing Couture put the brash boxer in his place.

I do not believe Toney is serious about MMA, and I do not believe we're going to see him in the Octagon. But both he and White have talked about it enough that it's not totally unthinkable that it could happen.