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Wilson Reis Expects Bellator Fight on April 8, Sengoku Debut Will Have to Wait

Wilson Reis (9-1) will first look to capture the Bellator featherweight title before he makes his MMA debut in Japan.

Bellator made the announcement Monday that Reis would again be entering the promotion's featherweight tournament, beginning in April. But last week, it appeared Reis was headed to Japan on March 7 to face Cage Force featherweight champion Yuji Hoshino.

World Victory Road's announcement of the Reis-Hoshino fight at Sengoku 12 was apparently premature.

"I think they announced my name by accident or something," Reis told MMA Fighting. "I wasn't able to fight in March, but I'm looking forward to fighting in [Senkgoku in] second semester."

Reis says he asked Bellator for permission to fight on March 7 but his request was declined. Not the least bit surprising because If Reis were to remain undefeated, he would have to fight three times from April through June. Additionally, he would challenge champion Joe Soto for the title sometime in the fall.

Reis doesn't know who he'll be fighting first in the tournament, but he is expecting to compete on the season opener on April 8 in Hollywood, Fla. After his commitments with Bellator are over, only then would Reis fight in Japan.

"Japan is always a place I want to fight," Reis said.