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Bad Blood Between Tito Ortiz, Mark Coleman Boils Over In Wake of UFC 109

Tito Ortiz never hesitates to inject himself into the spotlight, and though the former UFC light heavyweight champion was not fighting at Saturday night's UFC 109, he once again brought controversy to the cage.

Moments after Mark Coleman lost to Randy Couture in the main event, Ortiz and his girlfriend Jenna Jameson started berating Coleman, just as Coleman began his interview with Joe Rogan in the octagon.

Coleman momentarily abandoned Rogan and began moving towards the cage exit before he was pulled back in.

He then returned to the interview and instead of addressing the question, said, "F--- you, Tito. Anytime, d-----bag."

The feud between the two likely stems from comments made during the leadup to what was supposed to be their UFC 106 bout (Coleman had to pull out due to a knee injury). Both sides fired off plenty of verbal bombs, with a member of Coleman's camp crossing a line by talking trash about Jameson, with whom Ortiz has twins.

Afterward, UFC President Dana White addressed the situation, saying he wasn't surprised.

"When isn't there bad blood with Tito?" asked White, who's had his own run-ins with Ortiz.

"Tito's calling out Coleman when he's fighting Chuck?" he continued. "I don't even know what to say to that. [Coleman] just loses the most important fight of his life. It meant more to him than anything. He loses, he's doing an interview and [Tito's] screaming s--- at him?"

Ortiz is currently filming season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter. His opposing coach is Chuck Liddell, and the two are likely to fight in June after the culmination of the series. Given the bad blood, perhaps Ortiz-Coleman will happen afterward.

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