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UFC 109 Live Blog: Mac Danzig vs. Justin Buchholz Updates

This is the UFC 109 live blog for Mac Danzig vs. Justin Buchholz, a lightweight bout on tonight's Spike TV card.

Danzig has dropped three straight fights in the UFC and desperately needs this win. Joe Rogan is calling this fight a loser leaves town match.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Buchholz misses on a kick. Danzig aggressively comes forward and lands kicks. Buchholz lands a leg kick and gets a high kick blocked. Buchholz lands a right. Buchholz active with low and high kicks. Danzig blocking most of Buchholz's kicks. They exchange. Danzig glances a jab. Danzig scores a leg kick. Buchholz comes forward and gets countered twice. Buchholz drops Danzig with a right. Danzig gets up and Buchholz unloads but Danzig covers. Danzig lands a jab. And another. Danzig scores with a right and a leg kick. Buchholz unloads again with Danzig's back against the cage. Danzig covers up. Danzig pops Buchholz's head back with a right. Danzig hits to the body and Buchholz throws a knee and almost falls off balance.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Buchholz.

Round 2: Danzig shoots for a double, 30 seconds in. Danzig lands a jab. Buchholz lands a leg kick and gets countered with a right. Buchholz counters a kick with punch. Danzig shoots again and takes down Buchholz into side control. Danzig pounds away with lefts, and then rights. Buchholz escapes to halfguard. Buchholz attempts a kimura. Danzig escapes with 1:36 left. Danzig with left elbows to the body in side control. Danzig secures full mount. Buchholz gives up his back. Danzig turns for a triangle choke and then armbar, but loses it. Buchholz now in Danzig's guard. Danzig sweeps into full mount.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Danzig.

Round 3: Danzig sets up the takedown with strikes. Buchholz throws in clinch. They separate. Buchholz lands a straight right. Buchholz with a right hand. Danzig clinches and taps a knee to Buchholz's face. Danzig tries to put Buchholz down and lands in guard. Referee Herb Dean stands them up with two minutes left. Danzig with a jab. Danzig comes in with a flurry and lands with a right and a kick. Danzig tags with a left and Buchholz is tired. Danzig with a left and right. Danzig takes Buchholz down into side control. Danzig pounds with punches and elbows. Buchholz gives up his back. Danzig drops right punches in full mount. Danzig tries for the rear-naked choke with 15 seconds left. Buchholz survives, but he's going to lose the decision.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Danzig.

Danzig wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28 and 29-28)