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Wisconsin Signs MMA Regulation Bill Into Law

Wisconsin became the 43rd state to sanction mixed martial arts when Gov. Jim Doyle signed into law a bill to regulate the sport.

The state's Department of Regulation and Licensing will govern the fights, adding MMA to its duties overseeing pro boxing contests.

Unlike other states, Wisconsin's law passed through the legislative process in just a few months. The bill was first introduced in September 2009.

MMA fighters and notables that have links to the state include Eric Schafer, Pat Barry, Duke Roufus, Anthony Pettis and Jameel Massouh. Organizations have run unsanctioned events in the state for years but will now fall under state jurisdiction.

New York is the most prominent state that does not sanction MMA, but Gov. David Paterson recently unveiled a bill to regulate it in the Empire State.

The other states that have yet to sanction the sport are Alabama, Connecticut, Vermont, West Virginia, Alaska and Wyoming. The last two states, however, have no athletic commissions in place.