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UFC to Introduce Spanish-Speaking Live Broadcasts

A Spanish-speaking UFC broadcast will be introduced at the UFC 111 event on March 27 in Newark, N.J., the UFC announced Monday.

UFC events were previously available in Spanish only through an audio feed (SAP). Starting with UFC 111, headined by a welterweight title bout between champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Dan Hardy, all audio and visual elements of the pay-per-view will be in Spanish.

Sitting in the broadcast booths are Troy Santiago and Victor Davila, the host and commentators for El Octagono de UFC, the UFC's highlight fights series on Galavision.

"For our fans who want to watch and listen to our UFC events in Spanish," UFC president Dana White said in the press release. "We are now creating a show just for them, in their language, so they can enjoy the whole UFC experience from start to finish."