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Braulio Estima Signs With Shine Fights for MMA Debut

The most decorated submission grappler of 2009 is ready to make the jump to MMA.

ADCC 2009 88-kg and absolute champion Braulio Estima has signed with Shine Fights to make his debut sometime this year.

In addition to the ADCC titles, last year he won the world jiu-jitsu championship -- the third of his career -- in his division as well as European championships in both his division and absolute.

Last year, Estima notably submitted DREAM veteran and upcoming Strikeforce welterweight Andre Galvao in the finals of the ADCC championship with an inverted triangle choke. Four months earlier, he submitted Marcelo Garcia with a triangle choke.

Born in Brazil, Estima relocated in 2002 to Birmingham, England to train and teach at the Gracie Barra Birmingham academy. Estima is the training partner of Strikeforce-contracted heavyweight Roger Gracie, who is based out of London.

Shine Fight's to-be-announced third event could happen in the spring.