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Strikeforce Undercard Live Blog: Alfonso-Damatta, Zitnik-Byrnes Updates

SUNRISE, Fla. -- This is the undercard live blog for Strikeforce: Miami at the BankAtlantic Center.

The prelims are comprised of Pablo Alfonso vs. Marcos Damatta, David Zitnik vs. Michael Byrnes, Sabah Homasi vs. John Kelly, Craig Oxley vs. David Gomez, John Clarke vs. Joe Ray and Ryan Keenan vs. Hayder Hassan.

The live blog is below.

David Zitnik vs. Michael Byrnes

The Zitnik-Byrnes fight was bumped. It will begin at 12:15 a.m.

Round 1: This fight gets started by Zitnik landing a low blow to Byrnes' groin. Ouch. After a brief pause they've started back up again. Byrnes comes flying forward and grabs Zitnik, and now they're on the ground. Back on the feet now, Zitnik tries a flying knee. Byrnes had Zitnik in a guillotine on his feet, but Zitnik wouldn't tap and eventually Byrnes gave it up. Round 1 goes to Byrnes.

Round 2: It's a stand-up battle, and both guys are landing some solid punches. Not a great fight by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm impressed with how active these guys are on their feet. Overall Byrnes landed more effective punches, and I give Round 2 to Byrnes.

Round 3: Early in the round they go to the ground, and Zitnik sees this as his best chance to pull out the win. He's doing some damage to Byrne on the ground, but Byrne is able to weather it and get back onto his feet. It's a good old-fashioned slugfest at the close, and the few fans who stayed are glad they did. I give the third round to Zitnik.
Michael Byrnes wins by majority decision 29-29, 30-27, 30-27

John Clarke vs. Joe Ray

Round 1: Clarke, in the red corner, is from Miami and has a pretty big cheering section. They trade punches at the start of the fight. As they clinch against the cage, Clarke goes for a takedown. Not a lot of action in the early going. But now Ray takes Clarke down, rains punches on him and it's over! Joe Ray beats John Clarke by first-round TKO (punches).

Craig Oxley vs. David Gomez

Round 1:
This is the big battle of two 0-2 fighters. Someone's 0 has got to go, ladies and gentleman. Gomez takes Oxley down early and lands side control. He doesn't do much from there other than land a few elbows to the body. Gomez has killed what first looked like a very excited crowd. Speaking of the crowd, it's pretty large considering the undercard is filled with relatively unknown fighters. Back to the action, Gomez is in Oxley's guard. Not doing much there, though. Oxley is doing a good job of not allowing Gomez to posture up. Round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Gomez.

Round 2: Gomez tried to take Oxley down right away, but Oxley actually lands in his Gomez's guard. This fight isn't doing much for the fans. Both fighters aren't doing anything on the ground. Finally, after what seems like hours, the referee stands them up. Gomez lands a hard leg kick to end the round. Oxley seems to be very hurt, but looks like he will continue.

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Gomez.

Round 3: Oxley takes Gomez down early. Once again he is in Gomez's guard. Gomez not allowing Oxley to posture up. The ref really needs to stand them up ... but he isn't. Gomez ends the round in Oxley's guard after spending most of the round in side control. Not sure why two 0-2 fighters were positioned this high on the card because they were clearly not ready for this.

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Gomez.

David Gomez def. Craig Oxley via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Pablo Alfonso vs. Marcos Damatta

Round 1: Alfonso's nickname is "The Hurricane," and he comes out looking aggressive. Alfonso takes Damatta down to the ground, and very quickly secures armbar position. Damatta tries to stand up, but it's too tight. He taps out.

Pablo Alfonso def. Marcos Damatta via submission (armbar) -- Round 1, 1:47

Ryan Keenan vs. Hayder Hassan

Round 1: Hassan is definitely the crowd favorite in this fight. Both fighters spend the first minute or so feeling each other out. I would give a precise time as to how long this lasted, but there is no clock to be found anywhere. Hassan's striking seems to be a little crisper, but both guys aren't doing much. Finally, Hassan drops Keenen with a combo, but he clearly doesn't want to go to the ground so he allows Keenan to stand up. Not much else action to end the round.

Round 2: After more engaging to start the round, Hassan drops Keenan with a right hook. Keenan looks to be in trouble. Acually, Keenan is out cold.

Haydar Hassan def. Ryan Keenan via knockout -- Round 2, 2:42

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Hassan.

Sabah Homasi vs. John Kelly

Round 1: Homasi seems to be the favorite because he trains at American Top Team. Fight starts standing, as both fighters look a bit tentative to start. Homasi shoots for a double-leg and lands it. Kelly does a good job getting back to his feet and then he takes Homasi down. He tries for a rear-naked choke, but then secures the mount and begins landing strikes on top. Homasi appears to be in big trouble. The crowd is quite lively for an opening bout. Homasi survives the round.

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Kelly.

Round 2: Homasi opens the round by taking Kelly down. Kelly ends up reversing and landing in Homasi's guard. He then moves into side control. Homasi tries to escape, but in doing so, gives up his back and Kelly looks to have secured the rear-naked choke. Homasi fights it off for a few seconds, but eventually taps.

John Kelly def. Sabah Homasi via submission (rear-naked choke) -- Round 2, 2:48