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Strikeforce Live Blog: Cris Cyborg vs. Marloes Coenen Updates

This is the live blog for Cris Cyborg vs. Marloes Coenen, a women's 145-pound bout on tonight's Strikeforce: Miami card on Showtime.

After missing a defense date in November due to injury, Cyborg returns to defend her belt against Coenen.

The live blog begins below.

This championship fight is five, five-minute rounds.

Round 1: Coenen throws a front kick and Cyborg responds with powerful rights that Coenen avoids. They clinch. Coenen lands a right. Cyborg gets double underhooks and shoves down Coenen. Coenen walks the cage for an armbar that Cyborg easily avoids. Cyborg lands right hands. Coenen upkicks and Cyborg smiles. Cyborg allows Coenen to stand. Cyborg lands bombs. They clinch and Coenen goes for footstomps with 45 seconds left. Cyborg hits Coenen with knees to the thigh.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 for Cyborg.

Round 2: After Cyborg dominating an exchange of punches, Coenen falls to her back. Cyborg enters guard and almost tries to slam Coenen. Coenen closes her guard. Cyborg moves Coenen against the fence. Cyborg stands up and calls for Coenen to stand. Coenen lands two lefts. Cyborg lands a kick to the body. Coenen shoots at 1:42 and Cyborg defends. Coenen pulls guard. Cyborg works ground and pound.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 for Cyborg.

Round 3: Cyborg counters twice off leg kicks. Coenen drives forward for a takedown, but Cyborg stops it with help of her back against the fence. Cyborg separates and throws a big combo. Coenen shoots and Cyborg powerfully reverses Coenen. Cyborg punches from Coenen's halfguard. Coenen escapes to full guard at 2:40. Cyborg slips and that allows Coenen to stand. Coenen lands a big right. Cyborg misses a backkick. Coenen shoots and again she's thrown on her back. Coenen looks defeated. Cyborg turns it up with right hands. The referee stops the fight.

Cyborg wins by TKO - Round 3, 3:40

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