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Burnett, Cuban Team for Live King of the Cage Events on HDNet

The man who popularized reality television in the US is turning his storytelling abilities to mixed martial arts.

Mark Burnett, British producer of mainstream hits Survivor and The Apprentice, has signed an agreement with Mark Cuban's HDNet for King of the Cage events to air live on the high-definition channel.

The first deal under the partnership will happen on Feb. 12 in Mescalero, N.M. and features a better-than-usual King of the Cage lineup. The main card is after the jump.

"I'm so happy to be working with King of the Cage to help shape their coverage to make it something special and help grow that brand on HDNet," Burnett said on Friday's edition of Inside MMA on HDNet.

"My plan is to help the storylines, and to help the fans, the viewers to care about these fighters in the way that I've done with other shows like Contender and a lot of my different storytelling shows," Burnett said. "In the end everything is about story. People are tuning in to watch a fight between two people. But the more they care about the storylines, the better it gets. It's all about storytelling and characters."

Burnett brings with him producer credits in the fight world from The Contender boxing and MTV's Bully Beatdown MMA-ish reality series.

King of the Cage Feb. 12 Fight Card:

Travis Wiuff vs. Mike Kyle
Donald Sanchez vs. Victor "Joe Boxer" Valenzuela (Featherweight Interim Title)
Tony Lopez vs. Tyler East (Heavyweight Title)
Rich Clementi vs. Anthony Lapsley
Abel Cullum vs. Joe Coca (Bantamweight Title)

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