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Randy Couture Has No Problem with Herschel Walker Fighting MMA

As one of MMA's elder statesmen, Randy Couture is one of the few active pro athletes who might have a real understanding of what's going through the mind of Herschel Walker as the former football phenom transitions into MMA at age 47.

Couture, 46, shared his thoughts on Walker's career change on a recent UFC teleconference.

"I don't think there's an issue," he said. "Herschel's always been an amazing athlete. How many guys do you see who can bobsled at the Olympic level? And of course he had a storied career at Georgia and in pro football. He's clearly a tremendous athlete and a competitor. Now he wants to test his skills to see how he'll do in MMA."

Walker makes his debut this Saturday night at Strikeforce: Miami, where he'll take on 26-year-old Greg Nagy.

As to how Walker will do in his newly chosen career, Couture is optimistic.

"I think he'll be explosive," he said. "Maybe not a top-rated fighter right now, but we'll see how he competes and what kind of athlete he is and how far he can go with it."

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