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Top Prospect and Hero Goran Reljic Serious About UFC Return

Just 25 years old, Goran Reljic made a great first impression on the American MMA audience, earning a second-round TKO over Wilson Gouveia at UFC 84 way back in May 2008. It's been almost 18 months since that last fight in the UFC, but the Croatian is just weeks away from finally returning.

In final preparation for his UFC 110 fight with CB Dollaway, Reljic is currently in Las Vegas finishing up his training camp for the bout.

Though he's been largely forgotten while recovering from back surgery, fans should be reminded that Reljic has the potential to be a star in the middleweight division. He combines good striking with an excellent ground game, and he was undefeated (8-0) at light-heavyweight before deciding to drop down to a weight class.

Reljic also looks like he's really serious about his training. In the above video with, he mentions how he started his diet to get down to 185 about three months ago, currently watches almost no TV, and goes to bed around 9 pm each night.

"Before I was not so disciplined, but after the surgery, I am much more disciplined about training and recovery," he says during the feature.

In the video, he also briefly mentions the experience he had in Nov. 2008, during which he saved two people from drowning after their car plunged into the Adriatic sea near his home in Croatia.

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