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Jon Fitch Helps Mike Swick Train for Paulo Thiago at UFC 109

The UFC provides a good look inside a fighter's training camp with this video showing Mike Swick's preparation for Paulo Thiago at UFC 109, showing Swick working with Jon Fitch and picking Fitch's brain about Thiago, whom Fitch beat at UFC 100.

"Jon Fitch is my training partner and he's the only guy to ever beat Paulo Thiago," Swick says. "It's a good insight to prepare me for this fight."

In the video we see Fitch warning Swick about Thiago's length and strength, and Swick says his game plan is to keep the fight standing when he can.

"I'm more of a striker so I'm obviously going to take this fight to the feet," Swick says. "If the fight does go to the ground I feel very good with my jiu jitsu and my wrestling to handle this fight on the ground as well, even though he is a very qualified jiu jitsu guy. And that creates a challenge that I like."

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