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UFC 109 Video Blog: Matt Serra in His Element

The UFC has made Matt Serra the subject of a series of video blogs leading up to his UFC 109 fight with Frank Trigg, and the first installment shows Serra as a foul-mouthed joker whose feelings aren't hurt by Trigg talking about his diminutive stature.

"This guy started off by calling me a short guido," Serra said of Trigg's trash talk. "You believe that? Is that a diss? What's your point? But he also called me an angry midget. Now those are fighting words. Out of everything he said, I don't think I'm angry. Let me tell you something. When the cage shuts, there's a switch. I'll crack jokes in the locker room, I don't care. I don't gotta impress nobody. I don't gotta walk around like Mr. Macho Man. I ain't tall, but I'm not angry. I'm not angry about not being tall. I like it. It's like the automatic underdog all the time. So it's awesome."

A few other notes:
-- Serra acknowledges that he'd fit in with the cast of Jersey Shore.

-- The video shows Serra teaching jiu jitsu. As much as I enjoy watching Serra fight, I think his real calling is as a teacher and coach, not as a fighter, and it's good to see him in that element.

-- At one point Serra is sitting at the barbershop and his barber uses a homophobic slur. I'm a little surprised the UFC included that in the video blog, but I'm glad Serra admonished the barber not to give New Yorkers a bad name.

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