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Brock Lesnar Says He's Feeling Better Than He Has in 18 Months

Brock Lesnar says he's feeling better than he's felt in 18 months. The UFC heavyweight champion is featured on a UFC video showing the behind-the-scenes action surrounding his recent comeback announcement.

Lesnar, who at one point of the video jokes that he thought he was going to have to drop down to the UFC's light-heavyweight class because of diverticulities that caused him to lose 40 pounds, says he truly felt that his career was over, but now he's "damn-near right there" in terms of returning to his usual size and strength.

It seems clear that Lesnar's return will continue to be one of the biggest stories in the MMA world until he steps into the cage. That should happen in the summer months, when he is expected to fight the winner of the March battle between Shane Carwin and Frank Mir.

"I'm alive and well, and I'm still the UFC heavyweight champion," said Lesnar, who announced his return on Wednesday, live on ESPN. "And ready to kick some ass."

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