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Zaromskis Doesn't Look for High Kicks

Marius Zaromskis has done something extraordinary in his last three fights, winning all of them by kicking his opponents in the head.

Head kick knockouts are like a special treat in MMA, not something you can count on seeing every time a fighter steps into the cage. And Zaromskis says that as he prepares for his Jan. 30 fight with Nick Diaz at Strikeforce Miami, head kicks aren't something he plans for.

"I don't really look for a high kick, because when you look for something you end up being the one who's getting knocked out," Zaromskis said. "If I see it there in a split second I'll take advantage of it. If it's not there then I'll use some other weapons. But, I do not look for a high kick."

The Lithuanian Zaromskis has been compared to Mirko Cro Cop, who had some spectacular head kick knockouts of his own. But he says he doesn't particularly view Cro Cop as a role model.

"I'm not trying to imitate Mirko, I'm not inspired by Mirko," Zaromskis said. "But, Mirko has a very devastating high kick, so if there's something I could learn from him I definitely wouldn't mind."

Overall, Zaromskis says, his philosophy is just to let the fight come to him -- it just so happens that head kicks have won him three straight fights.

"It's not something I look for," Zarmoskis said. "I just kind of do it."

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