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Randy Couture 'Moving Away From a Jiu Jitsu Mentality'

Randy Couture is both one of the best game planners in mixed martial arts and one of the fighters who's the most open about discussing his game plans, and in this video he offers some interesting detail about how he's approaching his UFC 109 fight with Mark Coleman.

"I'm working on my ground fighting with Neil Melanson, doing a lot of catch wrestling," Couture says. "Moving away from a jiu jitsu mentality, looking more through my wrestler's eyes, catch wrestling and submissions as they come from wrestling positions, which has been a lot of fun for me, and that's been an ongoing process for the last seven or eight months."

Brazilian jiu jitsu is the dominant form of submission fighting in MMA, but it's not the only form. Catch wrestling is an effective type of grappling with different setups for holds and submissions, and it's great to see that Couture, even at age 46, is trying to learn some new tricks.

Couture also has some new things in store when he's on his feet.

"I've been working with Gil Martinez on my boxing footwork," Couture said. "Mark's going to throw big haymakers and try and find a way to put me on my back and take me down. I'm working on countering his aggression and sticking and moving and making him chase me."

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