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Mark Coleman: Randy Couture Is the Biggest Fight of My Life

In hyping up his UFC 109 bout with Randy Couture, Mark Coleman says something that seems ridiculous on its face: "This is the biggest fight of my life -- by far."

Can Coleman really believe that this fight is bigger than his win over Don Frye in the UFC 10 tournament final? Or his win over Dan Severn at UFC 12 to win the first UFC heavyweight title? Or his win over Igor Vovchanchyn to win the 2000 Pride Openweight Grand Prix?

I don't think anyone who follows MMA actually thinks Coleman vs. Couture is a more significant fight than any of those, but I like the way Coleman goes into every single one of his fights thinking of it as his biggest to date. And although no one thinks Coleman can beat Couture, no one thought Coleman could beat Stephan Bonnar, either. This isn't really Coleman's biggest fight, but if he motivates himself by saying that, good for him.

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