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WEC's Mackens Semerzier Pleads for Help for Haitian Relief Efforts

The massive earthquake that hit Haiti earlier this week continues to bring new and horrific images that highlight the tragic human toll that country has endured.

The natural disaster has pulled at everyone's heartstrings, including those in the MMA community.

WEC featherweight Mackens Semerzier is among those in the MMA world who has family affected by tragedy. Both of his parents are originally from Haiti, and he has extended family members who are still there.

Semerzier took to Youtube to ask fans to contribute whatever they could to help the people of Haiti. Saying that even a single dollar would make a difference, Semerzier implores viewers to donate to the cause.

"Haiti is crying right now and I hope the world takes heed," Semerzier says in the video. "Just like we've done, we've always united. That's why the world is so beautiful."

Meanwhile, noted French-Canadian fighter David Loiseau, who has Haitian roots, recently asked the UFC for a fight in which his purse and sponsorship money would go to the relief effort.

To donate, visit or text the word "Haiti" to 90999 to make a $10 donation charged to your cell phone bill.

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