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Filmmaker Hopes to Document Life of Jens Pulver

As Jens Pulver prepares for what could be the last fight of his MMA career at WEC 47 on March 6, a documentary filmmaker is hoping to bring the story of Pulver's life to the big screen.

The filmmaker, Gregory Bayne, is planning a documentary called Driven, which would detail Pulver's rise from an abusive childhood to the UFC lightweight championship, and especially this late portion of his career, in which he's attempting to end a four-fight losing streak and dealing with the fact that if he loses to Javier Vazquez on March 6, it may very well be the end of his career.

Bayne has put together a couple of short clips on his YouTube channel to give people a taste of what Driven will be like, and it looks compelling. However, Bayne says he's going to need to raise $25,000 if he's going to be able to finance the film, and he's still got a long way to go.

Bayne is soliciting donations online, and I hope he succeeds. Pulver has a great story, one that deserves to reach a large audience.

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