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Bob Shamrock Passes Away

Bob Shamrock, the father of Ken and Frank Shamrock, has died at the age of 68 after a long battle with complications stemming from diabetes.

Bob died Thursday afternoon surrounded by friends and family at the home of UFC Hall of Famer Ken.

"Everyone that came in contact with my dad -- you could tell he made a difference in their life," Ken said in a st I've never seen anyone have that much success with kids. I know he's with the Lord, but I'll miss him and I'm forever thankful." Ken Shamrock

"Its a sad day for our family," Frank wrote Thursday on "Bob Shamrock passed away today and he will be sorely missed. He was a good man who will be remembered for it."

Bob was lifelong altruist who life shared his mansion in Susanville, Calif. as a group home to troubled and misguided children. Ken and Frank were two of hundreds of youths that have been cared for under Bob. Ken, born Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick, and Frank, born Frank Juarez, adopted the Shamrock last time as a show of appreciation and loyalty upon entering adulthood.

"Ken was like the baby, but he wasn't the baby, he was the man," Bob said in an interview with The 700 Club. "After a short while he kind of took leadership of the house because he was ready to fight at the drop of the hat. But on the other side of the coin, he had a certain amount of character that a lot of these kids didn't have."

Ken and Frank bounced around from group home to group home until finally settling down with Bob. The brothers were taught to channel their aggression towards sports and through Bob's support, became mixed martial arts icons.

A memorial service has been scheduled for Monday, Jan. 18 at the Calvary Baptist Chuch in Susanville.

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