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Ryan Couture, Larry Mir Win MMA Fights

The son of one former UFC heavyweight champion and the cousin of another won amateur MMA bouts in Las Vegas over the weekend. Ryan Couture, the son of Randy, choked out his opponent in the fight you see above, while Larry Mir, the cousin of Frank, won by TKO in the fight you see below.

The fights were part of Tuff-n-Uff's Fight Night III. The Las Vegas Sun has more:
"I started doing MMA because I wanted to be closer to my cousin and my family. They're always hanging out at the gym," Larry Mir said. "Win or lose, my cousin would be proud and I have my family here behind me."


"It [MMA] has definitely provided an easy avenue and an easy excuse for us to spend more time together," Ryan Couture said. "With the nature of his [Randy's] lifestyle, he's on the go so much that about the only time you can see him is at the gym. Fortunately, training there I get to see him on a daily basis. That's really helped us stay close and stay in touch and it's given us one more big thing to have in common, to bond over."
Couture, who has a 5-1 amateur record, says he plans to make his pro debut this year.

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