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WEC 46 Live Blog: Raphael Assuncao vs. Urijah Faber Round-by-Round Updates

This is the WEC 46 live blog for Raphael Assuncao vs. Urijah Faber, a featherweight bout on tonight's Versus card.

Former titleholder Faber returns from hand injury to take on Assuncao for a possible title shot.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Assuncao ties up Faber early with double underhooks. They stalemate, and eventually break. Faber fires with a front kick, then an overhand right that just misses. Faber lands a straight right after a break. Assuncao tries a trip takedown, but Faber shows good balance staying on his feet. Assuncao moves him against the cage as he tries to slow the pace. Faber escapes with a combo, and Assuncao answers right back with his own. Assuncao is doing a good job holding back Faber's sometimes unorthodox attacks. Very close round, but MMA Fighting scores it for Assuncao, 10-9.

Round 2: Faber takes Assuncao down early. Faber manages a couple elbows. During a scramble, Faber tries a guillotine. Assuncao spins out. They break and Faber lands a left hook on the way out. Faber asserting himself now, with a straight right. Faber drops him with a right with about two minutes left. Assuncao manages to tie him up as the fight goes to the ground, giving him precious recovery time. The Sacramento crowd starts to chant Faber's name, but his offense is slowed by Assuncao's strong ground defense. Faber does manage a few good strikes during their extended stay on the ground. MMA Fighting scores the round for Faber, 10-9.

Round 3: Assuncao scores early with a right after Faber misses a kick. Faber takes Assuncao down 30 seconds in but they're back up 10 seconds later. Assuncao tries his own takedown but can't do so. Faber dropped Assuncao again with a right midway through. That might seal a win. Crowd chants "Faber" again as he goes to work on the ground. Faber takes his back at 1:20, sinks in the rear nake choke, and taps out the black belt Assuncao.

Winner: Faber via rear naked choke submission

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